Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Dead Tree Cries to Heaven

A Reflection on Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato Si

 Dr Abe V Rotor 
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Haunting skeleton of a once beautiful, mighty tree, QC 

I cry to heaven, for I have done something in life worth living; I gave food and oxygen and shelter to humans, and many organisms - tenants and symbionts, under my care for the many years of my existence, season after season;

I cry to heaven for the peace and quiet I provided, the coolness and freshness of the surroundings I shared with neighbors, visitors and passersby, now lost and forever gone, and I, I am but a silhouette of past memories;

I cry to heaven, for I once represented many a great tree in history and literature like the oak tree under its shade Abraham Lincoln studied law, the tree on which the Robinson Family built a house, the Banyan tree that houses a temple in India;

I cry to heaven, for didn't I catch the rain and store water in the ground and feed the streams and rivers, catch the sun's energy and make food and many products by the wondrous process of photosynthesis that make a living world? 

I cry to heaven, for didn't I find a place in an ecosystem in which I played my part well in the flow of energy, in the food web, and interrelationship with other ecosystems necessary in maintaining dynamic balance humans call homeostasis?

I cry to heaven, for didn't I make children happy climbing my branches, playing hide and seek on my limbs; soothe the pains of the sick, lonely and old with fragrance and whispers of cool breeze; cushion noise into silence and music?

I cry to heaven, on behalf of my dead brothers and sisters, my forebears and my progenies, countless of them, that met the same fate as mine, by the very hands of the "guardians of creation," anointed or self-proclaimed;

I cry to heaven, on behalf of humans starving, sick and dying, in spite of the abundance of products my kind make, humans who fail to learn or respect the ways of nature, who abuse her to satisfy their

insatiable greed and lust;

I cry to heaven for justice, more than human justice can fathom, more than the norms of ethics and morality of a civilized society, more than the proselytizing of the pious and the "pure at heart" profess in dignifying human life and existence;

I cry to heaven even if I am but a tree, insignificant and unknown in this wide world, and now that my time has come to claim a place as humans believe in the afterlife, I just would say thanks to my Creator, for making me an instrument of love. ~ 

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