Thursday, August 13, 2015

Angels Just Pass By, My Friend

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Dr Anselmo Set Cabigan, Ph.D. examines the flower of the enigmatic pongapong (Amorpophallus campanolatus) at the former St Paul University Garden QC. Pine saplings in Lipa Batangas, On-site lecture in biology at the SPUQC Museum

All the years, to describe you, let me count the ways:
But first, admit your age, and heed the one who says.

Our roads crossed time and again - perhaps the eighth,

Under any umbrella, any fort of service and faith;

A tree you planted, its boughs filled with children,

In its shade, old and young call each other brethren;

A field of grass undulating in whispers and in song

Of hopes and dreams among the beloved throng;

A plow, you're the man behind a home and nation,

A computer, cyberspace its eye and its bastion.

Nata to leather, fruit to wine, microbes to food,

Work of a goodhearted genius working under the hood.

Busy feet, busy hands, bound in thought and sinew,

Work, work, work - whatever may be your view.

And play? And jokes? You've got a lot, too.

Cracking one, and I saw how a whole class blew.

Child of Nature years ago, but never getting old,

Though your hair is vanishing, laurels in its hold;

The span of time and space, your now sit on its shed,

Furrows on your forehead, your vision dims ahead.

If for any reason you keep on searching, never tiring,

It's because the stars shine far out into the morning,

And ideals and truth are not the same, are they?

There are no answers - yet you wish there may.

In a perfect place and time, here and beyond SPUQ,

Angels just pass by Sel, we can only guess they do.~

Dedicated to Dr. Anselmo Set Cabigan (left), a good old friend.
He and the author retired from government, and the academe.

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