Thursday, March 5, 2015

Paintings and Memories by Dr Abe V Rotor

Dr Abe V Rotor 
Stone House by a Stream, oil painting 2' x 3' AVR 1962

Stone House by a Stream 

If memories are as strong as a stone house is built,
though as fluid as the stream than runs by it;
if life through the years endured the storms of life 
the scene remains alive, strong to any strife.  

The Waterfall, acrylic painting AVR, 2010

Childhood by the Waterfall

Who owns the waterfall but the boys climbing,
diving into its depth, cruising its water?
What can be stronger than its roaring and hissing
but their raucous shouts and laughter?  
Long live the waterfall, as young as childhood, 
growing old and getting young again,
As boys grow into men, as seasons come and go,
while memories by the waterfall remain.  

Waterhole, painting in acrylic AVR  

Two Friends on a Foot Bridge 

Two friends, one visiting, the other fishing;
rebuilding the memories of childhood then;
who's older, who's younger through the years?
An old bridge between them, one on each end.

Pond, painting in acrylic, AVR circa 1980

Twice a day, the tides come and go, like flood 
and ebb in this estuary; 
The sea - a little of river, lake, and pond in one
make a unique sanctuary; 
And I, I am touched by this incessant cycle of life
but where is its destiny? 

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