Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Junkyard Art

Life resurrects from the junkyard - through art.  
Dr Abe V Rotor
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The useless, the forgotten, the eyesore, or simply junk,
they become beautiful pieces of art:
A neo-renaissance movement with ecological message,
redeeming man from morals defiled;
Monuments, big and small, they speak of human frailty
turned ingenuity.
Fine art and craft, artist and artisan, formal or informal,
they make no difference, they are one;
Aesthetics defied, the ugly becomes beautiful, its depth
from the inner self, fountain of joy.
Monsters tamed, they live in the park, now have a home,
no longer outcasts in the graveyard;
They speak, "You gave me life, I'll always be your friend."

Ecological Message
Too much glare from the hole in the sky, the thinned ozone layer.
 The air is heavy and thick, it is suffocating.  The earth is burdened,
like an overloaded spaceship, poorly kept and manned.   
Function to Dysfunction
Anti-thesis of peace, of methodology, of dialectics and law;
of dreams and goals, of plans and programs - ultimately, 
disregard to the cycles of Nature. 
Music Reborn 
Taming music from the dead but not a dirge; it is rejoice.  Music is 
the language of renewal, of rebirth. It is Grieg's Morning
Beethoven's Pastoral, Abelardo's Mutya ng Pasig.  
Metal Sunflowers 
A replica of Vincent van Gogh's painting of Sunflowers in our times, 
sans fragrance, freshness, and daintiness - yet proud and bearing; 
to the bold and courageous, unafraid to face and follow the sun.     
Wind with a Face
Imagine where the wind blows, clouds in many faces changing, 
treetops swaying, leaves rustling with the passing breeze. 
Make it funny, make it queer, copy nature 
in man's folly and cheer.  
Requiem to the Park
Whatever happened to the people's park
Nothing roams around but ghosts;
Empty chairs, empty kiosks,
Leafless trees, blind lamp posts
Eerie, man seems lost
Man, the Genie
Rising from the confines of his ingenuity,
like Gulliver among his little kind;
Man reigns over earth with his technology,
 sans happiness if ever he could find. 
Fairy Tale Alive
Disneyland brought dreams alive;
many times children would laugh or cry. 
Castles in changing view, ever new, but nothing
compares with the castle in the sky.  
A Picasso Revived
Abstract art in collage, once whole and true;
but who argues about life today tired and rue? 

NOTE: Acknowledgement: These photos, discovered from an old file, were taken way back circa 1996.  It was an exhibit I attended upon the invitation of a student of mine from St Paul University QC who was then connected with Pylox Philippines. ~ 

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