Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Champion Kite

Dr Abe V Rotor

Kite flying competition winning team led by Leo Carlo Rotor right. UST Manila 2005

Clear against the blue mountain far
Are specks of yellow, red and blue,
And white, and the many colors they make.

Swaying like birds, rising and swooping,
Suspended in time and space,
If not for the sinking sun.

The wind is fair, the grain is golden now,
Else the old folk would complain:
Don’t call the wind when the grain is young.

But kids that we were cared for nothing,
Except our kites at all costs must fly
At the other end of the string.

Up, up they soared into the sky,
Dwarfing Babel, trailing the Apollo-
Flight only dreams could follow through.

My kite took me away to the city and beyond-
Years had passed and I see kites flying again,
Familiar they seem, but in another time.

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