Sunday, March 15, 2015

Avoid Waste. Here are some ways

Dr Abe V Rotor 
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 Pencil Cover and Extender. 
 Give a second life to your pencil as it gets shorter and shorter. 
Protect it from hurting you and others. Make the cover colorful and artistic. 
 Make Gleaning a Habit
 Open spent toothpaste tube, there's a lot left, some 5 to 10 brushings. 
Glean bottles of coffee, butter, and the like; cosmetics, paste, ink, etc.    
Harvesting Rainwater
Be sure gutters and downspouts are in good condition and clean. 
Store rainwater in garden pond for long term and multiple uses.   
Calamansi juice stock
Add equal amount of sugar to calamansi extract, keep in glass jar in the 
refrigerator. Two or three tablespoonful make a lemonade. Chill or add ice.    

Avoid Decorative Toothbrush 
You are paying for the design rather than the function. What do 
you do with the spent toothbrush but to throw it away? It is a 
non-biodegradable litter

Use Banana Leaf as Wrapper
instead of aluminum foil, plastic, and waxed paper. 
 Tamales is an example of cooking with banana leaves, 
Cooking with Charcoal 
instead of  LPG and electricity.  Food tastes better. It is environment friendly 
Save on Power
What you need for baby's bath is tepid temperature.  Check with your elbow. 
Make your own mineral water 
Tap water plus two or three crushed seeds of malunggay left to stand for two or three hours.  

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