Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Subic - the other view

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You won't dare enter Subic if you don't know how to follow strict rules, specially US traffic rules.  Subic was once a beautiful piece of US territory in the Philippines, until it was turned over to the Philippine government in the early nineties. There are good things we Filipino should be proud of and happy about, but simply there are matters we are not. These photos were taken along the route to Morong, Bataan through the former US naval base.  
Soil erosion threatens the once beautiful tunnel. A spark 
may trigger a brush fire on its bare slope and shed.  
Eroded sea wall poses danger to tourists at this 
vantage point, a popular stopover for photography 
and break after a long drive.  
Ruins of a once beautiful building - an eyesore to passersby. 
Indication of neglect is evident.
 Thinning of the forest reserve.  Banana grows at the 
foreground where trees once grew - or would have 
been replanted.

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