Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thoughts at the Edge of the Sea

 By Dr Abe V Rotor
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Mouth of Tabon Cave, an on-the-spot painting, Quezon, Palawan by the author, 1986.

1. We do not have the time, indeed an alibi
to indolence and loafing, letting time pass by.

2. As we undervalue ourselves, so do others
undervalue us. Lo, to us all little brothers.

3. Self-doubt at the start is often necessary
to seek perfection of the trade we carry.

4. What is more mean than envy or indolence
but the two themselves riding on insolence.

5. The worst kind of persecution occurs in the mind,
that of the body we can often undermine.

6. How seldom, if at all, do we weigh our neighbors
the way we weigh ourselves with the same favors?

7. Friendship that we share to others, multiplies
our compassion and love where happiness lies.

8. Evil is evil indeed - so with its mirror,
while goodness builds on goodness in store.

9. That others may learn and soon trust you,

show them you're trustworthy, kind and true.

10. Kindness and gladness, these however small

are never, never put to waste at all.

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