Sunday, March 23, 2014

It's uncouth to call a person a pig, yet the pig is part of today's living

Dr Abe V Rotor 
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Laughing pig in Agoo, La Union

Old folks tell us of many unusual things about pigs. It is uncouth to call a person a pig, and these are the reasons why.

• Pigs, by their physical built, can’t look up in the sky. It always looks downtrodden.

• Pigs are the only animals that will drink hard liquor voluntarily – and you know what happens next.

• Pigs are carriers of diseases and parasites transmitted to human, such as tapeworm and hookworm. Pork is high in cholesterol and uric acid that cause many ailments.

• They are voracious (sarabusab Ilk) and omnivorous, eating on almost anything, including spoiled food and wastes of other animals.

• They have a very poor digestive system, the smell of their sty is almost unbearable.

• Their barrel shape bodies are a perfect model of obesity.

On the brighter side of these obnoxious habits, and other disagreeable characteristics that we may attribute to the pig, it is surprising to know – and we should be thankful - that the pig’s heart, being compatible with ours, has been used in heart tissue transplants. Thousands of heart patients owe their lives to the lowly pig.~

Local Babe, the sheepdog in the movie of the same title.

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