Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Singular Halo-halo

Dr Abe V Rotor
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It's a long, hot summer, and one way to beat it is to have a large glass or bowl of halo-halo (literally, mix-mix). Halo-halo is very popular in summer wherever you go in the Philippines.    

Make  halo halo at home.  It is tastier and economical, and custom made. 

 Make halo-halo at home from a wide choice of ingredients. The most popular ingredients are kaong, nata, sago, gulaman or gelatin, cut boiled saba banana, evaporated milk, sugar - and a topping of leche plan. You can have other ingredients as substitute , or in addition to, like nangka (jackfruit). 

The enjoyment in eating actually is in digging out the ingredients while in leisurely (and haltingly) conversation with members of the family or with friends. There's a saying in Pilipino, "the deeper you get, the better it tastes." In Ilocano, "Umun-uneg, umim-imas."  Note: Halo-halo may cause indigestion because of its rich, varied ingredients, and when taken in large amount. It is not recommended for babies.~

Make one for me, a large, large glass,
     Epicurean I am - Filipino;
halo-halo's the name and the brand,
     that the world may know.

Make it potpourri-like, heap full flowing,
     nectar sweet, white as snow; 
family, friends, and guests in company,
     and special just for two.      

Make it loaded with native delights,
     bounty of Ceres and Apollo,
pride of country and race and taste, 
     oh! singular halo-halo. ~

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