Sunday, February 2, 2014

Saving a trapped bird

Dr Abe V Rotor
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Papa, a bird is caught in a trap!” 

“That’s how birds are caught.”

“No Papa, this one is different. Come and see.”

Trapped! A common fate of predator and prey.  QC

There on a sticky board a tarat bird was struggling to free itself among three mice also stuck in the glue, all facing certain death.

“Can I save the bird?”

With scissor Leo freed the bird. He looked back pathetically at the doomed mice and said nothing.

He kept the bird in a cage. It began preening its feathers to remove the glue. Leo gave it food and water. Soon the wounded wing is back in position. 
“Keep the cage door open. Anytime it will be able to fly again.”

“How did the bird get trapped, Papa?”

“It was looking for food, and got too close to the trap. It seems it was very hungry.   

A week later, the bird was no longer in its cage. It had flown away. Leo took a breath and looked up.  

There atop a samat tree in the front yard a family of tarat danced and sang cheerfully with the peculiar tune from which the bird got its name.~ 

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