Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fusion - Path of Evolution

Evolution through Cooperation 
Dr Abe V Rotor
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Sargassum fish cleverly intertwined and camouflaged, exhibiting combined  characteristics of plant, animal, and protist, the natural landscape under the sea, notwithstanding.   Paintings in acrylic on glass by the author, c. 2003

Evolution is when the simple becomes complex,
     and the complex into intricate;
yet the intricate to complex, reverting into simple,
     when fail the process to replicate.

Evolution is when an alga and a fungus join 
    as one organism - the lichen; 
coral a plant-animal union born in ancient seas,
    survival of both foe and friend.    

Evolution is forward and backward through time,
     simultaneous, spontaneous;
a explosion of diversity of all kinds imagined,
     in chains, webs, and continuous. 

Evolution is untrodden, unguided, by chance
     in a million possibilities beyond
the eye or lens, and probing mind and will,
     in the depth of sea, or just around. 

Evolution is de-volution, shrinking, thinning -
     extinction by nature and by man - 
plant-animal fusing, moneran-protist pooling;
     prelude to a living world gone. ~

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