Tuesday, November 6, 2012

When stars come down to earth

Dr Abe V Rotor
Living with Nature - School on Blog

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Composite photos: campuses of University of Santo Toms, Ateneo de
Manila University and neighboring area of Philippine Science HS, QC 

 Stars come down to earth when the chilly winds from Siberia descend to the tropics, Santa riding on a sled of gifts, reindeer in cadence with tingling bells;  

Stars come down to earth with songs of welcome and praise, children from door to door knocking, singing, and wishing for gifts and good tidings; 

Stars come down to earth with the first rain in May, releasing from their abode cicadas and crickets that fill the trees with songs;  

Stars come down to earth as summer ends, monsoon fills the rice fields, pools grow to ponds, rivers wake up with frogs croaking, fish bubbling; 

Stars come down to earth as grains turn golden in October, harvesters in prayers and songs in thanksgiving and merriment;   

Stars come down to earth for every tree planted and nurtured, farmland in sustainable productivity, wasteland rehabilitated, wildlife preserved for posterity; 

Stars come down to earth in every child born, in every beloved remembered, in whispers of comfort and encouragement; 

Stars come down to earth in every achievement that affirms people's faith, tradition and values, of their collective voices of unity and freedom; 

Stars come down to earth for every armistice, summit, forum that seeks end to hostilities, bring international cooperation towards peace and order of humanity; 

Stars come down to earth after a storm has passed, reminding of human folly,
and stirring man's resolve towards goodness, wishing upon the stars. ~ 

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