Thursday, November 8, 2012

Make your own calamansi juice stock

Dr Abe V Rotor
 Save, save, save! From carbonated drinks, fruit juice packs, and expensive imported brands.

Most important, save your health from the deleterious effects of additives. Artificial flavors and colors are bad. Worst is aspartame or NutraSweet. They come in other names for artificial sugar. Save yourself and your children from health problems and complications arising from these artificial chemicals.

Save money. One or two calamansi for a glassful of drink has more nutrients than what you get from a jug of carbonated drink. It is probiotic too, which means you are strengthening your immune system. It means supplying the vitamin and mineral needs of your body.

Save time. With a "mother stock" which is actually pure calamansi juice with sugar (1:3), a spoonful of it can be made into instant lemonade, with or without ice. Muscuvado sugar gives a native touch, which many prefer. Other use white sugar for the mother stock, and brown sugar when mixing for drink.

It means patronizing local products, supports farming and ecology. It encourages home gardening. Why, many homes have fruiting calamansi trees in their backyard. A fruiting calamansi is a natural Christmas Tree. Having a fruiting calamansi promotes good neighborhood.

Be practical. Be free. Be innovative. Choose fresh, ripe calamansi at source, or from the market.
 Do the preparation yourself. Use a squeezer, sieve and kitchen gloves. Use wide mouth glass bottle. Label before placing it in the refrigerator. Put a sign on the door, with Health Tips. And the children will simply love your homemade lemonade.

But moderation - like anything - is the rule. Too much may raise acid level in the stomach. Excess Vitamin C in the body is "waste" - it is not absorbed and used.

Serve your guests. Instead of "run-to-the-cornerstore", simply open the ref and pronto you have drink for everybody. Assure them it is 
  • nutritious
  • free of harmful chemicals
  • a pride to farming and industry
  • earns, and saves, money
  • Pinoy-na-Pinoy
Then ask them, Why don't you make calamansi drink at home, too?
It's a campaign with good cause.

Calamansi mother stock is best when freshly made. Its shelf life in the ref is about a week. Do not freeze. Don't use plastic bottle. Use wide mouth glass containerCalamansi provides enterprise opportunities. You can develop your product for the market. Get assistance from DOST and DTI, and successful entrepreneurs.

Trivia: How do you know if the lemonade you are making has the right amount of sugar - even without tasting it?

Answer: If too sweet, the seeds float; if sugar is not enough, seeds settle at the bottle of the glass. Adjust your taste.

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