Saturday, March 10, 2012

29. Values in Children's Art

Abe V Rotor and Melly C Tenorio
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Lesson for March 13, 2012

These pastel drawings are the works of children of school age in a summer workshop. Can you interpret these drawings from the imagination and feelings of the young artists? What values in life can you associate with each of them?


A lovely pair in a most tender moment,
Let the world go spinning idly by;
A tender nest above in threesome wait
Their mother as they sweetly cry.
Hush, hush, beautiful creatures all,
Let time come calmly slow,
Like leaves ripening into gold in fall
That makes the sun and spirit glow.
Mother Fish

She is mother, defender of the young,At the gate, the sentinel
Watching over the reef and beyond
Of danger she would foretell.
And all others crawl under her brood,In comfort and in safety;
The shy and bold, the young and old,
Indeed she's mother of the sea.

Irony of War

Each flag, each victory sworn,
At the end go down all tattered;
Alas! Who lost? Who won?
But mankind stained with red. ~

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