Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Fearful Crocodile - a Photo Study

Abe V Rotor
This is one of the biggest crocodiles ever caught, now in a zoo near Manila, where visitors can view this fearful creature. The crocodile is much older than the dinosaur. It survived the great cataclysmic asteroid impact that killed more than half of living organisms on earth at the end of the Mesozoic Period. Among the victims were the dinosaurs which dominated the earth for millions of years. It is the biggest reptile today, but it is facing extinction as its natural habitat, the swamp, is fast shrinking through man's intrusion and economic activities.

An aging crocodile. Crocodiles are known to live for fifty years, and even more in undisturbed places.

A juvenile crocodile. Crocodile farms produce meat and skin for leather and fashion, and serve as sanctuary. One of the biggest crocodile farms in the world is in Palawan. The Philippines holds the world's record of the biggest living crocodile. It is kept in a special den in Mindanao.

Bony face of a crocodile. It shows semblance with that of the dinosaur although they are not directly related. Acknowledgment: Avilon Zoo, Rizal

Dare the crocodile - any animal within its reach its victim,
yet it is nature's keeper of the wild and tool of evolution,
eliminating the unfit, keeping the strong through their genes
that only those that survive deserve a place on earth.

Dare the crocodile - he is today man's victim in the wild,
and the wild is no more; its niche, its bastion is the zoo,
farms copied from its wildlife den. Then in the museum
where someday it becomes like the dinosaur a fossil. ~

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