Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Rocky Shore Comes Alive

Abe V Rotor and Melly C Tenorio
Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid 738KHzAM 8-9 evening class Mon to Fri
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Lesson March 5, 2012

Summer on a Rocky Shore, in acrylic by AVR 2012

Painting and Poem by Abe V Rotor

Wish the old days could come back in old age,
and exchange childhood from being a sage;
wish the unspoiled field and shore remain,
the simple life over richly domain.

Wish the sky is deep blue as the sea before,
the hills green and alive as the rocky shore;
wish the lilting joy of children fill the air,
the sweet cacophony of a country fair.

Wish the tide to recede and walk on the reef,
to be in the underworld for a time so brief,
wish the waves to be as calm as your thought,
yet wish the surf to keep coming back and forth.

Wish the child in you shall live forevermore,
as innocent and pure as he was before;
wish for the ideal, the sublime, and the free,
and the shore shall forever clap for thee. ~

Details of painting

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