Thursday, March 1, 2012

Paint Nature this Summer!

Abe V Rotor

Summer is outdoor to paint Nature;
summer is art, other hobbies a part;
camp out with paintbrush and colors,
canvas and easel, and a happy heart.

Summer is away from school and books,
from monotony and boredom;
go visit another teacher - Nature,
and live awhile in her kingdom.

Summer - the most beautiful season
of the year - it's time for sharing
the joys of childhood - both young and old,
through the magic of painting.

Idyllic Farm Life, acrylic (36" x 60") 1996

Morning in the Woods, acrylic 2009

Fertile Valley, acrylic (36"x48") 1992

A Walk on Sacred Heart Novitiate Grounds, QC
On-the-spot painting, 2000

Flying Kite, acrylic (36" x 48") 1998

Old Boat Sitting on Reef, acrylic, 1990Tabon Cave by the Sea, Quezon, Palawan.
(11"x14") On-the-spot painting in oil 1986

Rock Pool, acrylic (11"x14")

Waterfall in acrylic (36"x60") 1990

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