Sunday, January 31, 2010

Where have all the native fruits gone?

Caimito (Chrysophylum cainito)

Atis (Anona squamosa)

Tiesa (Locuma nervora)

Siniguelas (Spondias purpurea)

Abe V Rotor

Where have all the native guava gone,
the bats and birds and the young one?

Where have all the sweet nangka gone,
its fruits buried under the ground?

Where have all the old piƱa gone,
on the upland, sweetened by the sun?

Where have all the red papaya gone,
solo by name, the only tree of a kind?

Where have all the pomegranate gone,
friendly though like the deadly one.

Where have all the pako mango gone,
to cook the finest sinigang?

Where have all the big pomelo gone,
its rind made into jelly and jam?

Where have all the red macopa gone,
the laughing children in its arm?

Where have all the native santol gone,
set aside for a large-seeded one?

Where have all the tall mabolo gone,
sapote and caimito that ripe into tan?

Gone to the genie everyone,
technology’s child becoming man. ~

Living with Nature 3, AVR (All Rights Reserved)

1 comment:

Renja-Aurea said...

this is really a great poem !
Yes where have all thos wonderful
fruittrees gone?
The farmers chopped them all -
for the empty promises of the politics, by their pressures to their folks and tribes...
in order to raise the hot spices,
coffee and tea and animal farm growing all around the world -
for the really poorest
people in this world - the rhich!
Their hearts are so poor, so they do not see, what they created - may
the time come and show them, when there will be nothing to eat but money and denaturated deadly factory food.

You may say I am a dreamer ... but I am not the only one!
May our love be strong enough
to lift this planet up again to
it's natural state - and to help
people come back to the center of their hearts, where trust in our divine creation, true love and compassion for all beings lead the humans to a vegan lifestyle - and the world will be as one !