Saturday, January 23, 2010

Act III - Rebirth

Abe V Rotor

Now is the revenge of the deities on earth;
They cry day and night long, howl with the wind,
Hiss with the dust, shimmer in the heat,
Roar with the flood, sigh with the last breath of death.

The deities have lost compassion not long ago,
How cold and harsh they have been treated!
They wonder if knowledge – that kind learned in school –
Has also taught man indifference and hatred.

The deities even doubt if civilization is good at all;
Dreading Armageddon, the earth’s final chapter;
They remember the lustful masters of the colonial past.
If history’s repeating itself - who is this new master?

The master emerging from the liberated masses will show
If he is more fearful than the old enemy below.
What can the deities do now except to avenge?
As they roam the earth where their old friend is now a foe.

Then a group of children visited the lost forest.
A cross they raised, no big name they did extol.
Seedlings they planted, and their words were real
A structure they put up, it was neither church or hall.

A tower they built to link the forest up the shore;
All these brought the deities back home,
And they began to sing their songs once more.

They came down at night when the children
Were sleeping, to take care of the seedlings
Which grew fast – and soon many trees began to grow,
As the community got to its feet around the children.

They are simple people, they are kind to Nature.
Their joy with plants and animals seems pure;
The animals came back found a new home –
Home, sweet home of their ancestors before.

Now the deities sing the songs of the breeze and stream,
Whisper into the ears of the children before sunrise
Who dream of paradise, and on waking up,
See it shine before their eyes.~

Sunshine on Raindrops, AVR

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