Saturday, January 23, 2010

Act II - Destruction of the Forest

Abe V Rotor

One day modern man came, the trees he saw.
He is one that progress has not given peace and content,
His aim is endless, his prospect’s to get richer and richer.
Renouncing pagan worship to a god of materialism.

His measures of wisdom is domination over every creature,
Taking a complete turn from that of his ancestors;
His view of economics is dangerous, but a deaf ear he turns
To the consequences of his action – and his future.

His face reflects that of a devil.
He swings a huge axe and heaves with madness;
He tears down whole forests with giant machines.
His laughter echoes in deep chill.

The forest and all creatures living in it lay dying.
Though the sun is shining still,
Its life-giving light and heat are now useless,
And silence reigns in eerie and sadness.


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दुधवा लाइव said...

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