Thursday, November 2, 2017

Take time and live well

Painting and Verses by Abe V Rotor
Living with Nature - School on Blog

Country life in acrylic (detail of mural), AVR 2008 

1. Walk.
Running is sometimes bad;
you’ll better see and talk
about the countryside –
and God.

2. A trace of smoke foretells a consequence;
A faint pulse is life’s precious reference.

3. Self-doubt at the beginning is often necessary,
For it seeks perfection of the trade we carry.

4. Ephemeral and fleeting are the days of our lives,
when we do not watch the sun set and rise.

5. Who nods when old is wise and deep,
Save he by the fireside asleep.

6. Convenience is like wings gliding on the wind’s will;
It is also not taking off until the wind is still.

7. How many a resolve do we make to be humane,
And yet fail, and say, “We are only human.”

8. It is always the big fish that got away,
Is an old story. Lo! To the innocent prey.

9. The butterfly flutters to show her beauty;
When at rest, exudes peace and serenity.

10. After it blooms, the desert returns to sand,
So with passion and lust to a prodigal son.

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