Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Images on a Wall Mural

Mirror, mirror on the wall, 

tell them the fairest 
who love Nature to the full.

Dr Abe V Rotor
A pose as fresh as a stream flowing
down the mountain laughing, singing,
weaned from the shed, its mother,
lovely and free as a teenager.  

Imagination is more powerful than reason;
Oh, to a child they are one and same; 
Reaching for the sun and the sea in any season;
 Childhood adventure the greatest game. 

Trees mark the seasons and years that be, 
its trials, pain, joys and harmony;
If only man, in its shade look up and see
God's miracle and divine story.  

   The most relaxed moments of life come with Nature abiding,
give her your worries and cares, your pains notwithstanding. 

The blue whale, biggest creature on earth ever;  
while man is supreme in every corner;
they live in fear and suspicion together,
one the hunted, the other the hunter.
While away time for good reason, 
 hold the world on a standstill;
true freedom to control your own 
and emptiness in life to fill. 
The biggest heart, the measure of three,
if only the wall is alive to make it five;
Alone, one can't be truly happy, 
although able to survive.
Only a child can see the sun in the deep
from his mother's womb to deep sleep; 
while grownups miss the sun rise and set 
with so many things to do and keep.

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