Sunday, March 12, 2017

San Vicente Nature Center (Concept and Thrusts)

Linked with Website LIVING WITH NATURE; Book Series:  Living With Nature (5 volumes), Bannawag Okeyka Apong Column.

    San Vicente Integrated School Teachers at Dr Abe V Rotor's Family 
Residence in Poblacion, San Vicente, Ilocos Sur 
1. Ecological Sanctuary   
·            Biodiversity
·            Park and Wildlife 
·            Natural History
·            Gene Bank 

2. Living with Nature
·            Field Laboratory  
·            Natural Farming
·            Tri-commodity Agriculture
·            Countryside Living

3. People’s Museum
·            Indigenous articles, artefacts
·            Exhibits, and displays by occasion
·            San Vicente, features
·            Open Museum (Garden)

4. Research, Education and Extension
·            Multi-Intelligence Development
·            Humanities, Integrated Art
·           Thesis and Dissertation, Studies 
·            Workshops, by sector/topic

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