Tuesday, March 7, 2017

"I see no ships." - Horatio Nelson, et al

Dr Abe V Rotor
Grand daughter  Mackie 5 with a make-believe telescope atop Richmond Hotel, MM

Innocence and courage may go together,
but wait for the test in life's battlefield,
when age difference dissolves in time,
in search of glory behind a shield.

Life is a game of deceit and conceit,
with the enemy playing the same ploy,
woe to blind innocence and ignorance,
their unwary victims, modest and coy.~


April 2nd, 1801. ‘I see no ships’: Horatio Nelson turns a blind eye at the Battle of Copenhagen. Nelson put his telescope to his blind eye and announced that he could not see the signal calling on him to end the action and retreat (Nelson had lost the sight of one eye during an shore attack on Cadiz, when a cannonball impact sprayed sand and pebbles into his face). Nelson won the battle which saved him from court martial. 

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