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Start making a home museum - or one for your local community
Dr Abe V Rotor

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Lesson: Start collecting items to build a museum for your home or your community. Here are some items displayed at San Jacinto House, giving a pleasant ambiance to the place, ideal to celebrate family occasions, group meetings, workshops, or simply a place to take a break from hectic schedule. It is located along C-5, going to Katipunan, QC.

Decorative plate made in Delft, Holland, famous for its distinct azure

Wooden relief map, a rare collection.

Mariner's gadgets in the days of the galleon.

Rare collection - blunderbuss, prototype of today's long firearm.

Old cups and canisters
Antique cabinet to display collections is a museum piece itself.

Replica of a Roman Standard

Old cash register.

Reproduction of an old magazine cover, with theme still relevant today.

Acknowledgment: San Jacinto Restaurant, QC.

Top 10 Most Visited Museums in the Philippines

by Jane Dacumos on August 02, 2013

1.    National Museum of the Philippines
2.    Ayala Museum
3.    The Mind Museum
4.    Cultural Center of the Philippines
5.    UST Museum of Arts and Sciences
6.    Rizal Shrine
7.    Bohol Museum
8.    Clark Museum
9.    Palawan Museum
10.  Museo Pambata

Visit these museums and other museums as well in the country and abroad, and get ideas on how to start and manage your home or community museum.

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