Friday, October 7, 2016

Forest Adventure

A Break from Our Postmodern World
Dr Abe V Rotor

Forest Adventure in acrylic on canvas (45" x 57") by AVR, 2016

Freedom from computer, television, smart phone,  
      mall, ball games, rigors of schooling;  
boredom of the Good Life, the idleness of leisure -,
      break out into the open and start living; 

Go to the wilderness, our ancestral birthplace,
      rugged yet beautiful, undisturbed, pure,
where peace-and- harmony reigns in all its glory,
      a world primordial, the womb of Nature.

Be courageous even in the midst of fear.
      catch fish, catch ideas too, in bounty;
conquer heights through will, guts and providence,
       revere life and all its diversity,

The forest has many eyes, more so in the night,
      fireflies and stars mingle, they are one;
join the birds, crickets, waterfall, running stream,  
      the spirit of the place in prayer and fun.  
Children to men these seven boys will soon become,
      leaders of a kinder world, friendly to creation,
disciples of Rizal, Mark Twain, Thoreau.  Emerson,
      hope of a lost postmodern generation. ~  

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