Sunday, July 24, 2016

Philippine crafts unlimited

Dr Abe V Rotor

Woven craft (bayong);

Life size chef made of plaster

The Filipino is indeed artistic from music, painting, to artisan craft - the art of the people. Philippine art is found everywhere, from the traditional nipa hut to personal adornments.

What make our artisan's art distinctly Filipino, yet highly diversified to be loved by everyone, especially tourists?

1. Original and ethnic
2. Practical and functional
3. Rich in variety, motif and theme
4. Resourceful, creative and pioneering
5. Suits varied tastes and choices
6. Price affordable - and adjustable
7. Shopping-friendly, suki style
8. Lastly, it has a touch of humor, subtle imitation

As an industry, Philippine handicrafts have a long way to go, mainly in quality improvement, and entrepreneurial development, giving priority on the cottage level. Although widely known abroad Philippine crafts need organized marketing to reach far and wide in the global market.

Wood craft (birdhouse and chime)

China ware

Classic candle holder

Stone craft (Egyptian motif)

Sculpture and relief (Greco-Roman motif)

Sculpture and relief (Greco-Roman motif)

Bamboo craft (blinds and poles)

Bamboo craft (sipa ball)

Fiber craft (giant lamp shade)

metalcraft (mini-robot)

Pottery and porcelain craft

Acknowledgment: Dapitan Arcade, Sampaloc Manila

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