Wednesday, December 9, 2015

"Timeless as Basi --- Grand as the Mayon"

For Ka Abe and Ma'am Tynes
Dr Felipe P Briana
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Timeless as Basi --- Grand as the Mayon

Poems are basi and spoken
they soothe the paired heart
They awaken ... or numb the soul
to feel ... or to be shut from the world.

A poem, once expressed, thus, becomes ageless as wine.

Prose, regardless of its magnitude, 
can be as grand as the Mayon,
it may be pleasant to behold, with its form and font, 
but out of these may be spewed out
molten words that expose and admonish. 

Prose is thus, like the Mayon beheld with awe and, at times, caution.

Poems and prose are such, as their creators are...
souls timeless and splendid. ~

The author (left) with Dr Abe V Rotor and Dr Tynes M Doria, author of Humanities Today  (2013) and Philippine Literature (2014), published by C and E Publishing Inc. Dr Briana served as vice-president of National College Business and Arts, Fairview QC.  He is a contributor of important articles in the two textbooks. 

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