Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Prayer for Shalom Club Philippines

Prayer for the Ambassadors for Peace

Shalom Club Philippines

December 5, 2015


  • Share a lunch and gifts this Christmas 2015
  • Help the environment (Tulong sa Kalikasan)
  • Provide health aid (Tulong sa kalusugan)
Father Almighty, source of light, of life and everything in this world, we beg you to be with us, to be our “unseen Guest.” Light our way; touch our heart as we touch the hearts of others.  Bless us with joy and enthusiasm, with zeal and obedience, with understanding and compassion as we pledge to strengthen  Shalom, our  organization, even at the midst of trials and tribulations.  Soften the heart of arrogance and indifference amongst us, including those in our host country Israel, that is embroiled in continuing conflict and isolation.   

Father Almighty, teach us to become true agents of change. 
- Make us unifying elements that we may live peacefully in one community;
- Make us catalysts of change, and an anchor of undefined destiny as well;
- Make us conveyors of knowledge, skill and values rolled into a holistic well-being;
- Make us healers by bringing enlightenment to human misery;
- Make us agents of rational thoughts and decisions;
- Make us sentries that we may fend off evil intentions that undermine the true values of life;
- Make us custodians of tradition amid modernism;
- Make us guardians in the way of the Parable of the Sower, and the Prodigal Son;
- Make us the Good Samaritan, as well. 

You have chosen us ambassadors for peace and emissaries of goodwill under one banner, Shalom Club Philippines
- to reach out for one another,
- to listen,
- to care,
- to comfort,
- to encourage one another when we fail,
- to pray for one another when we falter, in order 
- to be strong as an organization. 

- to share the joy of teaching; and
Bless Father Almighty all those who have sacrificed their time, effort and comfort, all for the sake of Shalom, particularly Miss Zeny Ubaldo, founder, and chairman, our guardian who will always support us in our renewed dedication.

With you, Father Almighty, we can do many things; without you, we can do nothing. We ask You these through your Son Jesus Christ, who reigns forever and ever. Amen~

                                       New set of SCP officers and trustees
Front row: Executive officers: President - Proceso Domingo, Vice President Leonisa A Artes,Treasurer Constancia C Dacumos, Auditor Jacqueline DL Magpayo, and PRO Marilyn B Balleza  Standing row: Board of Trustees - Joe Umbal, Juanito T Batalon, Joe Bautista, Leila Peralta, Corazon Matriz, Obet Saguinsin, and Abe V Rotor (chairman)

Background of SCP

Shalom Club Philippines, Inc or SCP
is a non-government organization of Filipinos who were recipients of Israel MASHAV (Center for International Cooperation) scholarship Programs andother Filipinos who had been to the Holy Land on pilgrimage, study, educational and observation tours. The voluntary services of the members are their social responsibility to the Filipino people.

Vision: SCP envisions to promote peace thru volunteerism and provides effective voluntary services in sectors where basic services and sustainable human and community development may be realized.

Mission: The SCP and its members stand committed to provide direct, personal and voluntary services for communities covered by its 27 chapters and 720 members (as of June 30, 2013) in the areas of agriculture, education, environment, health and social services.  

Ambassadors of Peace Program - SCP's Centerpiece

1. Tulong sa Kalikasan - Help the Environment 
This annual project on environment is implemented simultaneously by the participating chapters in their respective cities and provinces on the celebration of United Nations World Environment Day every 5th of June.  

2. Ngayong Pasko Salo Tayo (Share a Lunch/Gift this Christmas)
This annual project on giving and sharing of lunch/food wirh the indigent children, elderly and families is implemented simultaneously by the participating chapters on Saturday before December 25.  

3. Tulong sa Kalusugan (Health Aid)
This Health Aid project promotes health and social services through advocacy, information on the rights and privileges of children, women and the elderly and conduct of medical services and mission.   

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