Thursday, October 29, 2015

Table egg recipes to break the monotony of breakfast

Breakfast is seldom without table egg -  boiled or fried.  It becomes monotonous though. Children may even skip breakfast. Many find it a reason the have breakfast somewhere else.   
Dr Abe V Rotor 

Small fish like anchovies (fresh dilis), small shrimps, in patties. Do the same with shredded fish or chicken meat. Note fresh leaves of kutchai as vegetable supplement. 
Serve fresh from the frying pan.  It goes best with piping hot coffee on an early breakfast. Take time, enjoy the day.  Start with a good breakfast.  ~  

We have the same problem at home. So we devised ways to break the impasse. 

1. Sinangag (fried rice) with strips of fried eggs. Or simply mix the fresh egg while frying the rice. Add fresh leaves of kutchai (Allium tuberosum) or onion.

2. This is not new either. Canned salmon or sardine fried with egg. Save the broth for another recipe or for the pets. Just like fried rice, add leaves of kutchai or onion. 

3. Fried egg wrapper, why not? Skilfully wrap sausage with cheese, better still with veggies - asparagus, lettuce, tomato. 

4. Prepare egg sandwich. Know your kids' favorite sandwich. So with the other members of the family. This is perfect for baon (packed snack or lunch)

5. Scrabble egg in a variety of ways: just scramble directly on the frying pan; scramble with veggies and mushroom; scramble with bits of ham, chicken, sausage; scamble as topping of toast bread. 

Slice boiled eggs as topping of noddles, liberally add at the periphery. 

Serve salted table egg with sliced fresh tomato. It a big break.

There are hundred-and-one recipes with the table egg, it is Nature's breakfast miracle.

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