Thursday, October 29, 2015

Just paint, you are an artist!

Dr Abe V Rotor

All you need is combination of red, yellow, blue,
     to get green, orange and indigo;
primary to secondary colors, then go for more;
     black and white for shade and hue.

Wood, glass, plastic, though canvas has a plus;
     paint with fingers, blot, smudge, spray,
thicken, sandwich, stretch, paste or splash;
     whatever suites you best and happy.

Oh, rules - don't be too strict, too exacting,
     let free the artist's interpretation;
for the mind, the heart, the soul, they sing
     of joy and triumph of creation. ~

Acrylic on glass, superimposed front; sprayed back. Drying in three days, coated with clear enamel.

Colors are sandwiched by glass panes, pried open to let paint dry naturally. Sprayed back of glass. Fixative applied after a week.

Composite: three impressions, one after another at three hours interval, dried and coated with fixative.
Circular mold used, paint superimposed in three layers. Note background from earlier attempt.

Same process as above, dilute medium for easier mix and spread.

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