Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Puppy - world's most lovable baby animal

 Dr Abe V Rotor
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Little Mackie lulled to sleep under her watchful puppy. 

Puppy, puppy everywhere, during the day for hours a play mate, at night a companion in bed, a sentinel by the crib, always awake, always faithful, always young; 

Puppy, puppy, the first word of a baby, akin to poppy; a father smiles at their similarity, often a reminder to be home early to spend time in the nursery;    

Puppy, puppy, it comes with a dozen siblings, weaned out and seldom joined again, each an orphan were it not for a new guardian – quite often a child master;

Puppy, puppy, the young Rin-tin-tin, retriever, hound, terrier, German shepherd, Saint Bernard on the Alps, Police dog and the like, in children's adventure stories; 

Puppy, puppy, in comic strips and cartoon - the young Snoopy, Scoobydoo, Toto, Argo, Nikki, Scud, Nana, Mutt, Wonder Dog and Talking Dog, in the land of fantasy;

Puppy, puppy, object of art in varied forms, from paintings to fashion, symbol on coats of arms, banners and badges, trademarks and ads, to shows and exhibitions;  

Puppy, puppy, innocent and coy, yet its ancient wild gene prevails when threatened, when hungry, when subdued; lonely and sad when abandoned, uncared;     

Puppy, puppy, snuggles in comfort and peace, sleeps calmly on the lap like a child, yelps in joy and anxiety, and laps the face with warm tongue and cold nose;

Puppy, puppy, sweet call, music to the ear, universally beautiful, joyous sound that releases now and then the world from roar and moan, to peace and harmony;      

Puppy, puppy, living specimen of love, care and compassion, a faithful companion of a child growing up to be a man; ~

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