Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Dr Abe V Rotor

Painting of Jacques-Louis David, "The Death of Socrates",
the great teacher (maestro)

Hemlock mangted panaginana,
Ballegi! Kappia!
Death brings rest, victory and peace(Referring to the Greek philosopher Socrates, who was sentenced to die by drinking poison from hemlock.)

Gandhi, Bolivar, Rizal;
Tao ti agturay.

These great leaders fought for people's rule - democracy.

Awan puot panaglakay;
Rip Van Winkle. Ay!

Sleeping makes one unconscious of getting old. (Rip van Winkle slept for twenty long years in Washington Irving's famous short story of the same title.)

Gabriel ken Evangeline
"Biag ko!" "Biag ko!"
My love! My love! (These lovers separated by war, finally found each other in old age at Gabriel's deathbed. Longfellow's masterpiece, Evangeline, a romantic epic.)

Ania't ayat a pudpudno -
Freud wenno Plato?

Which love is true - Freudian or Platonic?

Tubwan iti ru-ot ni laglagip
Didiay Austerlitz.
Nothing but grass now covers this former Nazi concentration camp.
"I'm the grass. I cover all."

Sinardengan ni Solomon
dagiti kuton,
King Solomon halted his army to let the ants pass.

Makapurar ti puro
Nga balitok.

It's pure gold that truly glitters.

‘Toy aw-awitek’ a Krus -
Pangipanak kadi

This Cross that I carry, where shall I put it?
(Carry your cross and follow Me.")

Home, Sweet Home with Nature, AVR

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