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Update: Living with Nature School on Blog linked with Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid as of July 23, 2014

Dr Abe V Rotor 
Living with Nature School on Blog
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Yes! I love nature - I miss it as I live in NYC. I visit it often but I wish to move back but hard to find work nowadays in the countryside. Peace & Prosperity on Pond - a place for quiet and meditation on the meaning of transience
Sto-ology on 7/11/14

Its very nice to read your blog which is related to my searches.Thanks for posting this sap recruiting details here. I also got more details from this topic , have a view on this also please...! Used Motorcycles Sale in Chennai Mrjalebi is one of the most popular free classifieds site in India, you can also directly contact the sellers and sell your old goods as per the cost you like. on Classification and Taxonomy of Local Vegetables
pravien raj
on 7/4/14

Just apply vinegar and the urticaria will disappear in seconds. I am a nurse and I know this for a fact. on Beware of the Higad! (Tussock Moth Caterpillar)
Mon on 6/30/14

I am really interested in what you wrote here. This looks absolutely perfect. All these tiny details are give me a lot of knowledge. Religious food on Religious Humor and Wit
on 6/25/14

True. Food coloring contain harmful chemicals and one should avoid because of this it may cause behavioral problem in children. Thanks for sharing. on Avoid artificial food coloring: it can cause cancer and behavioral problems in children
ehealth city
on 6/3/14

Earn while you enjoy time with your Family & Loved ones! For more details, kindly visit http://www.unemployedpinoys.com/ on Cat - Evolution through Domestication
Tiradauno on 5/21/14

Dear Dr. Rotor; I suspect that anacardic acids would kill Streptococcus and Staphylococcus bacteria. I have found that the anacardic acids in raw cashew nuts and maybe mangoes do an excellent job of curing an abscess from gram positive bacteria, which are the most prevalent cause of tooth decay and tooth aches You may see my article on this subject at; http://charles_w.tripod.com/tooth.html . It is also discussed briefly in the 2005 edition of Medical Hypotheses, 65; 289-292. Wikipedia discusses anacardic acids in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anacardic_acid . I would like to urge you to explore making these medicines available in the pure form from pharmacies for a Streptococcus medicine or in tooth paste. This would have several advantages; 1. a variety of application methods would be possible, needles, brushes, swabs, sprays, and etc. 2. It would probably on Glycerol Monolaurate (GML) in Virgin Coconut Oil destroys tuberculosis bacteria
Charles Weber
on 4/29/14

Good day, sir! I'm from the petition class of Dev Comm in AB. I was not able to attend the one-on-one session last time. I was trying to reach you through text but I do not know if you have received it. I was wondering if you could please give me a chance to take the exam or you could assign me another work. Thank you for the consideration, Sir. on UST-AB DevCom Meeting: Course and Performance Assessment
Arianne Tomacruz
on 3/17/14

With the diversity that comprises our heritage, many often wonder what our real identity is. But isn’t it more fun to think that aside from the blood of our ancestors, we also are mixed with the legacy of the Spanish, the strategic minds of the Americans, the-rich culture of the Chinese and even the technology and creativity of the Japanese? What matters most is that we, as Filipinos, have hearts which could not be matched by any race—and that is something that will always be ours, originally. -Khristiana Jacinto, AB Communication Arts on Significant Influences of Foreign Countries on the Philippines
Khristiana Jacinto
on 2/17/14

Philippine literature makes us better appreciate our heritage. Through the study of our literature, we can trace the rich heritage of ideas handed down to us from our forefathers. Then we can understand ourselves better and take pride in being a Filipino. -Khristiana Jacinto, AB Communication Arts on Twelve Reasons I Love Philippine Literature
Khristiana Jacinto
on 2/17/14

We Filipinos are really superstitious in nature. I'd like to assume three reasons as to why we act in such way. I believe many of our superstitious beliefs hark back to the pagan beliefs before Roman Catholicism was introduced by the Spanish conquistadors half a millennium ago. It was during that time when we believed in almost anything. We assumed that when a particular thing happens, it is a sign or a warning even if it was only coincidence. Maybe it was also the influence of the ethnic Chinese starting with our immigrant ancestors who traditionally practiced so many colorful, superstitious beliefs. Many Chinese beliefs are harmless and delightful. For example, if a parent of a boyfriend or girlfriend dies, the couple has to rush marriage within 100 days or wait two years after to do so. Perhaps another reason could be the ruling political and social elite of the Philippines (whether Spanish or the local datus and later the ilustrados) invented and spread all sorts of on A Portfolio of Superstitious beliefs (Part 3) Don’t give your loved one a necklace; otherwise your relationship will not last. And pearls mean tears.
Khristiana Jacinto
on 2/17/14

im experiencing this one a lot of times now, 2 months to be exact and im really scare to sleep coz i may not wake up my last attack was near death, someone hand is covering my nose then when i was about to take my last breath God i woke up. I was so scare.. on Bangongot! Sleep paralysis - wiggle your toes, move your fingers – don’t give up!
Lorie Jean Hawan
on 2/12/14
]=\do LIKE, Watch and Share, Enjoy! CLCICK ME on UST-AB DevCom Lesson: Typhoon Yolanda tops Philippine News 2013
on 1/21/14

What strain of yeast are use for tapuy rice wine sir, can I used yeast use in baking to make rice wine? thanks in advance on Part 3 Basi: Preparation of Bubod – Yeast Complex
on 1/17/14

Ka Abe, Ka Mely, magandang gabi po, Ive got the message. meron dito samin Cainta , karinderia ang tawag "Kalabawan". Main ingredient meat of carabao as bulalo,tapa and papaitan.Sad to say kumakain ako dito. Meron din tinda sa Marikina.To this day if i had a chance sasabihan ko na ang mga kakilala ko dont patronize or "eat no more carabao meat" baka drawing at picture na lang makita ng anak mo at susunod na lahi sa yo. Happy Listening po Crisanto S. on The Stone Carabao
crisanto sarino
on 1/15/14

Magandang gabi po Ka Abe, Napapanahon ang inyong topic ngayong gabi. Ako rin po ay deboto ng Poong Nazareno.And Im proud truly to be a Pilipino. Im happy listening to you and Ka mely tonight. Crisanto S. on Where are we going, humans?
crisanto sarino
on 1/9/14

Thanks for great information you write it very clean. I am very lucky to get this tips from you. blow one on From cigarette to pipe smoking – then I stopped. A personal saga
blow Hookah
on 1/7/14

Great Post. Which are consumed the most? Any Kamote tops or young, and specific variety? -Eric from Hawaii on Kamote Tops Beauty
Chaminade University of Honolulu Community Garden Project
on 1/7/14

I have seen this portrait in a lawyer's office. The coincidence i was also looking for the maker of this beautiful portrait. This portrait was made by: "Nikolai Bogdana-Belsky" "At the Doors of a School" on A poor boy begs for a seat in school
Haider Ali
on 12/26/13

Hi Dok, There's a story of genuine strad in Vigan. I met his parents but unlucky i haven't seen him alive during my visit, he was encarcerated for thirty years at his home cage due to insanity. He became insane after the Strad was taken due to a robbery that poked his back head that left him unaware for about 2 hours. He was a former PPO Orchestra player, his violin was borrowed by Foreign soloist and then he was offered money for the selling of Strad violin. He refused to sell it, that's a sad story that is still a warning to all! :) Josef Suson from Cavite on The Violin - the Soulful Musical Instrument
on 12/23/13

Hello! The sword bean is a vine and needs a trellis or pole to climb on. It needs a moderate climate, well-drained soil, and good sunlight. In two months you will be harvesting the very young pods. Slice diagonally and thinly, and cook like any vegetable with meat or fish. Thanks for visiting my blog. on Saving the Endangered Sword Bean
Abe V. Rotor
on 11/26/13

Hi, I'm living in South Africa and my mother-in-laws friend gave the seeds to her, when she moved to australia, I love gardening and would like to know how to care for the plants, the seeds look exactaly like the one's in the picture I'm not sure how much space the plants needs to grow and if they can be eaten and how do I prepare them. on Saving the Endangered Sword Bean
on 11/26/13

Hi Dr Abe I am from Lapog and I know the epidemic happened from the scars that was evident from the people the people and relatives that I know. Thanks for the worthy recognition of my hometown and the epidemic that made it worth mentioning. I listen to your program everyday on my way to work (morning here in Toronto Canada). More power to you and Ka Mely. on UST GS: Growing Threats of Biological Warfare
Rodel Purugganan
on 10/26/13

How do you prepare the 10% sugar solution? As well as the 200 ppm of 8-hydroxyquinoline sulfate and 100 ppm citric acid. Can you but these locally? Thank you. on Sugar solution extends the life of cut flowers.
Victor Lopez
on 10/22/13

ok be sure your respondents represent well the values of tradition. on UST AB Photography PowerPoint Topics 3CA1
Abe V. Rotor
on 10/3/13

Sir I am Jazmine Fernandez from 3CA3. My topic is about Thomasians still rooted to tradition despite the emergence of globalization. I will be focusing on two specific students. on UST AB Photography PowerPoint Topics 3CA1
Jazmine Fernandez
on 10/2/13

Wonderful blog checkout my latest post at http://togetherfornature.blogspot.com/2013/09/ecosystem.html don't be shy to leave a comment and like us on facebook on UST AB Photography PowerPoint Topics 3CA1
on 10/1/13

These are beautiful. Which gallery sells your work? Do you license your images? on Two Faces of Nature in Postmodern Art
Annie Madison
on 9/25/13

Nice blog checkout my latest post http://togetherfornature.blogspot.com/2013/09/what-is-rhino-horn.html don't be shy to leave a comment and like us on facebook on While time away
on 9/24/13

This is so essential post. This information helps them who are new gardeners. Thanks for helpful post for us. Bromeliads on Bromeliads form a unique aerial ecosystem
Alex Alen
on 8/13/13

visiting here with a smile~ =) Regards, www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary) on Vietnamese Pinawa or Brown Rice Hand Mill
Mr Lonely
on 8/12/13

Excellent post. I used to be hecking constantly this weblog and I'm impressed! Extremely helpful information specially the remaining part :) I care for such info a lot. I was seeking this particular information for a very lengthy time. Thank you and best of luck. best Pipes on From cigarette to pipe smoking – then I stopped. A personal saga
Larry Wells
on 8/10/13

Thank you for the history lesson sir! My grandfathers produced basi since the 20s but their product did not have a brand or packaging and was only sold in local marketplaces. Now we are planning to get it out in the market to give basi some attention. https://www.facebook.com/sugarcanejosebenito?fref=ts on Basi Revolt of 1807
Sigrid Salucop
on 8/1/13

Ka Abe , Gandang gabi po tatlong gabi na po wala sa aere ang inyong programa sa radyo. Ako po si Crisanto Sarino masugid na taga subaybay ng Paaralan sa Himpapawid ay umaasa na muling mai babalik ang inyong programa. Uma asa at naki kiusap. Crisanto Sarino ng Cainta Rizal 09194072056/6554620 on UST-AB Photography: Living World under the Microscope
crisanto sarino
on 7/26/13

Ka Abe gandang gabi po, dalawang araw na po wala kayo sa aere ni Ka Mely. ano po nang yari at napalitan ng mga old music? ako po si Crisanto , masugid ninyong taga subaybay ng inyong programa. Salamat po. on Malunggay: Most popular and nutritious vegetable in the tropic. You can make your own mineral water with its seeds, too.
crisanto sarino
on 7/24/13

Hi, I like your article except in no.1... did you mean borrowing instead of burrowing? on 2010 - Year of Heroes. Are you one of them?
Lita Nobleza
on 6/21/13

You've got a cute apo na pala! First apo? I have 6 already - 4 girls and 2 boys. My eldest is currently pursuing her second course (law) while the second one will soon be a father. Look how time past, imagine I'll be a Lola's lola na... on The Lighter Side of Life
Lita Nobleza
on 6/20/13

I think we need to consider some major consequences if we would like to create or take some supplements and other herbal drinks. According to what I've read, some supplement might have a negative effect but not much just like an organic spirulina is much better than an ordinary spirulina. on Make your Environment Allergy-Free
on 5/31/13

Fertilizer is very important element for plants but environment is also important for us. So we should use biofertilizer because it very friendly to our environment. Thanks for share it. inorganic fertilizer definition on Biofertilizer is friendly to farmers and environment (Dissertation panel with doctoral graduate, Precy Delima,3rd from left) .hanizosk herner
on 5/29/13

Most orchid seeds are hard to propagate but the seeds of this Cymbidium finlaysonianum easily germinate in the pot/soil of some terrestrial plants I had which was located below the coconut tree where the mother Cymbidium was mounted. The soil are loamy and semi-dry because I don't water the plants regularly. Maybe the soil had just contained the symbiotic fungi the orchid seeds need to grow with. on Cymbidium Finlaysonianum, Philippine Indigenous Orchid
on 5/27/13

After reading this, I love my dogs more. I have 3 golden ret. 1 jack terrier, 1 poodle and 3 native dogs. Sometimes, when I feel lonely, I talk with my dog name "smeggy". I feel like he understands me more than anybody. I love him so much and we always celebrate his birthdays. :) on Pet Therapy
Janine Pascual
on 5/24/13

please refer to Useful Plants of the Phil by WH Brown; Medicinal Plants of the Philippines E Quisumbing; internet references. There's not much I can add scientifically. Thanks for your interest. AVR on Secret of the betel (Areca) nut
Abe V. Rotor
on 5/15/13

Sir, I'd like to contact you, I have several questions regarding areca nut. Thanks! on Secret of the betel (Areca) nut
on 5/14/13

Tambuli is the local name for the Indo-Pacific trumpet shell. the other picture shown is that of the ventral part of the Cassis cornuta which endemic to the Philippines and the Indo-Pacific region and not the strombus goliath which is endemic to the Atlantic region. on Museum: Skeletons of the Sea
on 5/11/13

JJ Reyes: You may use this article as requested for educational purposes, which is the purpose of this blog. I am sorry for the delayed response. Thank you.AVR Kristina Mauricio: Tampoy was very popular in Ilocos when I was a kid. The last time I saw a fruiting tampoy tree was in the late fifties in Malabon. I have not seen one since then, not even the fruit in the market or stand. Which leads me to think that Tampoy is now a threatened species. It offers a good subject for research. Thank you. AVR on Less Popular Fruits in the Philippines
Abe V. Rotor
on 4/27/13

Dear Dr. Rotor, May I know where you found the Tampoy Fruit here in the Philippines. Thank you Kristina Mauricio on Less Popular Fruits in the Philippines
Kristina Mauricio
on 4/26/13

Thanks for the info. Permission to copy :D on Integrated Production of Basi and Sukang Iloko (In celebration of the 205th Anniversary of the Basi Revolt (September 29, 1806- 2012)
Shizuku Yoshida
on 4/24/13

I always like your blog post because you always comes with different ideas and information. I always shared your site post with my friends. Keep posting and i will follow you. Commodity Tips on Folk Wisdom for Growing up Practical Tips (Lagro-Laha Summer Workshop Lesson No 1, April 17, 2013)
Commodity tips
on 4/17/13

I'm happy to find numerous useful info here in the post. I would really like to come back again right here for likewise good articles or blog posts. Thanks for sharing... Top MBA Colleges in Bhopal MBA Colleges in Bhopal on Filipino Literary Giants
way2 college
on 4/10/13

Hi doc. Do you mind giving the contact info of the sampaguita planter in the article? I need a lot of sampaguita for an event. Thank you very much. i on Part 1 - Sampaguita Farming is Profitable
Lea Santos
on 4/4/13

this is really a great poem ! Yes where have all thos wonderful fruittrees gone? The farmers chopped them all - for the empty promises of the politics, by their pressures to their folks and tribes... in order to raise the hot spices, coffee and tea and animal farm growing all around the world - for the really poorest people in this world - the rhich! Their hearts are so poor, so they do not see, what they created - may the time come and show them, when there will be nothing to eat but money and denaturated deadly factory food. You may say I am a dreamer ... but I am not the only one! May our love be strong enough to lift this planet up again to it's natural state - and to help people come back to the center of their hearts, where trust in our divine creation, true love and compassion for all beings lead the humans to a vegan lifestyle - and the world will be as one ! on Where have all the native fruits gone?
on 3/25/13

Good day! I would like to know where exactly in Lipa, Batangas can you find those Pine Tree Saplings where Dr. Cabigan visited? Are they Benguet Pine Trees? I am interested in planting that kind of Pine Tree. Thank you on Angels Just Pass By
regie comrade
on 3/21/13

Where exactly in Lipa Batangas can you find those Pine Tree Saplings? Are they Benguet Pine Trees? Where did those pine trees come from? Thank you... on Angels Just Pass By
regie comrade
on 3/21/13

This was explained and illustrated so well that I think even a kid will understand :) - Marither on
on 2/27/13

Dr. Abercio V. Rotor, Gusto ko pong kumuha ng permission sa inyo para gamitin ko yun isang picture na binabalatan ang pinya na parang bulaklak naka spread yun balat para sa flier na ginagawa ko para iexplain ang steps ng pagbalat ng pinya. My email is noriofromjap@gmail.com on Wonderful Pineapple - the only edible Bromeliad
Norio Matayoshi
on 1/23/13

Hi! I am very impressed with your story. I am also a student of UST and currently taking up BS Chemistry. My father is also an Ilocano and we are in the pursuit of knowing the production of Basi. I am very much interested in the science of it and how to further improve the product. Suntok sa buwan, but I would like to ask if I can somehow get in touch with you and if I can get a piece of information on how to produce one. I would really be happy if I can have a visit or a simple chat with you. I think it's time that our local wines be known to the world. We have great resources, we just don't have that spirit to pull one up. Hope to get in touch with you. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!Here's my e-mail edsubala@gmail.com on
on 12/26/12

Great Post. Its the best blog and a quality source to get updated by some of the greatest facts, thanks.....Philippines Fruit on Discovering the less popular Philippine fruits
on 12/25/12

Noted! I am reminded again that our dogs have feelings too. It's not all the time they are happy and enthusiastically wagging their tails. on How do you make your pet dog happy?
on 12/4/12

Thanks to Mr. Benito Rulloda for saving your life. I he didn't save you, we won't have an intelligent and dedicated professor like you. on Defying the Sweet Call of Death
Janine Pascual
on 12/1/12

Sir, I found a short film about this short story. The film was made by William Youngclass based on the works of Anton Chekhov. on The Bet: short story model
Janine Pascual
on 12/1/12

Dear Dr. Rotor, I would like to request permission to use your list of less common Philippine fruits for a new website, www.veganretirement.com (under construction). My website promotes affordable retirement in the Philippines for American vegans, vegetarians and organic consumers. As a group, they would be interested in consuming fruits not found in supermarkets and fruit stands. Aloha - J.J. Reyes veganretirement@yahoo.com on Less Popular Fruits in the Philippines
J.J. Reyes
on 11/27/12

I got 20. What does that mean sir? on How happy are you? A self-administered test.
on 11/22/12

Hi Sir! Do you know any fruits that can cure pimples? on Do you believe in the Doctrine of Signatures?
on 11/22/12

Can you tell me how to get this tool, its look so easy to use. Please tell me how much and how to buy this tool. my email: buyandgetfree@gmail.com on Wonderful Pineapple - the only edible Bromeliad
Mr Shop
on 11/14/12

Can i know how to buy this tool, and how much? on Wonderful Pineapple - the only edible Bromeliad
Mr Shop
on 11/13/12

Very nice and informative blog posting. Among all the fish, tilapia fish is Awesome! Farming this fish is very profitable and easy. I like this fish very much for it's unique taste and value. Tilapia Fish Farming on
Monika Borua
on 11/13/12

Sir Rotor, I saw you on Failon Ngayon! :) Good to see you! I miss studying. :( on Do you believe in the Doctrine of Signatures?
charlene mae poblete
on 11/10/12

Hi Sir, I didn't know that you smoke. But this article helped me because sometimes I do smoke in social gatherings. Thank you on Environment and Health: From cigarette to pipe smoking – then I stopped. A personal saga
on 11/5/12

Sir, thank you for the wonderful semester in our Environmental Science class. I have learned so much. I will do my share in taking care of Mother Nature. God bless you sir! - Frederick Roy A. Manubay (UST High School Faculty member) on Live Naturally in your Home
Professor M
on 10/31/12

I never thought these things can take a lot of help when it comes to sickness and stuff. Especially this one Gulat ang gamut sa sinok. To stop hiccup, jolt the person. Now and then anyone may fall into a pit of hiccup for reasons not well understood even in the medical field. But as sudden and unpredictable it came, just by jolting the person is enough to terminate hiccup. I only see this on tv i thought this is not true. But now that you posted it on your blog and considered as a remedy for 'sinok' might as well use this when a friend of mine is suffering 'sinok'. Thank You. Aina Dawang on 10 Home Remedies
Aina Dawang
on 10/18/12

This statement caught me. Motorist: "Your honor, I was not drunk. I was only drinking." Judge: "Well, in that case I an not going to send you to jail for one month - only for 30 days." I am deeply amused how people think of this witty tricks just to get out of a situation unfortunately he met a person who thinks just like him. It is fun to live life to its fullest with having people around you that are fun and witty to be with. AINA DAWANG on Brighten your life with wit and humor
Aina Dawang
on 10/18/12
Just like the cat in the picture i encountered this fright when my dad came back from dominican republic. He was an OFW. It took him 9 years before we get the chance to see each other again and come home. The cat felt frightened with her master due to a couple of days she didn't see her master. Like me i felt it too with my father but despite that long years of not being together our bond of love will never be withered. He is my father and i love him. As to the cat "I love him he is my master" AINA DAWANG on Fright - Bond of Loving
Aina Dawang
on 10/18/12

"Alam mo kapag nasa kalagitnaan ka na ng pagsasgip hindi mo na maiisip na kabayanihan iyon "-Marionito Tiempo The famous fire fighter who rescued many people when 'habagat' came to our country. To these people may it be big or small help we are all born heroes. We are incapable to help our fellow men in times of crisis. So say a little prayer and thank everyone for being all out support in every tragedy we face through. AINA DAWANG on Flood Heroes
Aina Dawang
on 10/18/12

Just like in the picture where these kids play without hesitation. The beauty of nature can be compared to an old woman. When she was young she was loved by all. Taken care by the ones she loves. But through the years of endless battles through the fast changing world our woman aged up and now is suffering through loneliness and sickness. Only few people are taking care of her, only few are playing with her. Is it because she's not young enough and beautiful just like before? What happened to the people who loves her? Where are they now? Where are we now for our mother nature? Where the children who will play alongside her and enjoy her beauty. Poor children they will not make it in time to see grandma at its beauty. Soon these rivers and trees we loved and played with before will be gone and decay just like our old woman resting back under the grave. AINA DAWANG on Frolic
Aina Dawang
on 10/17/12

Longing for someone even though it will never be there. Keeps on appearing and haunting ourselves. Memories it makes ourselves even stronger. It keeps us to move on forward. When at times we feel like to quit and end these powerful apparitions keep on reminding us of how beautiful it is to live and continue to have faith on whats yet to come. Life is a splendid thing we cannot fully define. AINA DAWANG on Apparition
Aina Dawang
on 10/17/12
It has been an endless battle for humanity to think of a solution against these plastics. Ways to segregate, the 3Rs and the like. But the truth is practicality and discipline is the only answer. The 3r's wont be that of effective if we, users doesn't have the discipline to do so and the guided information on how to do it. Many municipalities are doing a 'no plastic city drive'and in fact even teaches its citizens on how to recycle plastics. This blog is a good eye opener to all that could help people realize how it would greatly effect our future if we recycle things in our home. AINA DAWANG on Recycle plastic for good reasons
Aina Dawang
on 10/17/12

It is very disappointing to see children nowadays for they didn't experience life outside. Their playgrounds are now the social networking sites. Their robots and barbies are the ipods, cellphone and dslrs. I hope there are still kids out there and parents too who still give their kids time to explore outside and learn what it is to live on our world AINA DAWANG on Scenarios of our children living in a Postmodern World
Aina Dawang
on 10/17/12

As to what Albert Schweitzer said about happiness. "Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success . if you love what you are doing, you will be successful." I begin to fully grasp what happiness is. Nowadays, people especially in my generation wants to be happy. If you ask them want they want they'll answer "I want to be happy". We try to search for it, ask for it or even try to have it but we don't succeed. Maybe because we don't know how. We don't know what happiness really is or we don't get contented anymore. We expect high of ourselves to the point that we cannot even attain it. We live in a society wherein people work their butts off just to be successful because they think that in order to be happy you must attain success well in fact happiness is just around the corner. Learn to be contented of what we have and try to learn and find what we truly love to do. Then success will come in, along with happiness. Before i thought that in order to be happy on
Aina Dawang
on 10/17/12

As to what Albert Schweitzer said about happiness. "Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success . if you love what you are doing, you will be successful." I begin to fully grasp what happiness is. Nowadays, people especially in my generation wants to be happy. If you ask them want they want they'll answer "I want to be happy". We try to search for it, ask for it or even try to have it but we don't succeed. Maybe because we don't know how. We don't know what happiness really is or we don't get contented anymore. We expect high of ourselves to the point that we cannot even attain it. We live in a society wherein people work their butts off just to be successful because they think that in order to be happy you must attain success well in fact happiness is just around the corner. Learn to be contented of what we have and try to learn and find what we truly love to do. Then success will come in, along with happiness. Before i thought that in order to be happy on
Aina Dawang
on 10/17/12

This post is very timely for children nowadays tend to lock themselves with their own social sites. This is a great way to remind them of what they really are in essence. on Scenarios of our children living in a Postmodern World
Cay Cabotage
on 10/11/12

Let us now praise not so famous men, the unsung wet heroes of this week’s torrential flooding. We refer to the rescue teams and hospital workers who logged long hours and went beyond the call of duty to come to the aid of those trapped in the worst flooding since “Ondoy.” We especially refer to the ordinary citizens who set aside their own comforts and even their own safety in order to come to the help of others. on Flood Heroes
Cay Cabotage
on 10/11/12

Recycling is one of the best ways for you to have a positive impact on the world in which we live. Recycling is important to both the natural environment and us. We must act fast as the amount of waste we create is increasing all the time. Recycling is very important as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment. Recycling is essential to cities around the world and to the people living in them. on Recycle plastic for good reasons
Cay Cabotage
on 10/11/12

i rememebered when i was a child we usually played touching,, we used a laruan o tao tauhan as panaya,, other binabalot ng alambre na made sa tanso o nilalagyan turnilyo yung pamato para madulas at magalin makata.. the game is usually meron kayung firsan kung may linya at magpapalapitan kayo kung sinung malapit sia unang titira sa nakatayang laruan n nsa loob ng nakaguhit na square sa kalsada using chalk o uling o bato.. on Part 3: Indigenous Games and Sports (pabitin, palo de sebo) sankaunyo on 9/26/12

Thank you for using my photo sir! :) on Whose shoes are these?
Alyssa Beltran
on 9/21/12

Hi sir! Alyssa Beltran of 4ca5 po! xD Wow, you found this video on youtube! I uploaded it since last year i think? xD Please play the violin for the class again! please? We'd love to hear you play it for 4ca5! :D on Violin Demo: Gavotte and Ma-ala-ala Mo Kaya
Alyssa Beltran
on 9/21/12

Wow!~ xD Sir nakita niyo po yung youtube upload ko sa net! xD Hehehe! xD Last year pa po ito ah. Play the violin again for our class please? 4ca5 would love to hear you play again! :D on Violin Demo: Gavotte and Ma-ala-ala Mo Kaya
Alyssa Beltran
on 9/21/12

I wanna learn how to play violin too...but i guess, it's so hard :( on Violin Demo: Gavotte and Ma-ala-ala Mo Kaya
on 9/13/12

Very nice poem Sir. Thanks for sharing my photo. :), on Our ancestors were vegetarians and were much healthier than us.
on 9/13/12

masarap and considered a heavy meal po yung Patupat. It makes me miss the province on Rice cake: Suman et al
micah pascual
on 8/29/12

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Jessica Dark
on 7/3/12

This is good info, Thanks! To learn more info on how to survive a food crisis visit my blog at ; http://www.SurviveSHTF.blogspot.com on Environment and Agriculture: People's Green Revolution in the seventies saved us from Food Crisis
on 5/18/12

Dear Jacky, Receiving such an inspiring comment makes me feel more of the need to write, to paint and to compose, above all, to share - but how little is time left in my golden years. I begin to realize though, of the meaning of life's last bend with the setting sun - golden before it sleeps on the horizon of rest and peace. Be then my disciple, I request, and touch more lives, with this blog, a little companion. AVR on Environment: Global trends that are changing the way we live
Abe V. Rotor
on 4/18/12

I'm with you all the way. We should not be taking animals and killing them so we can sell their shells to tourists as souvenirs. It is very sad. No different than killing animals to make fur coats. I volunteer at the Monterey Bay Aquarium where we have lots of beautiful live animals, and the shops right across the street sell shells and dead sea stars (starfish) that don't even come from this area; I think that many come from the Phillipines. on Endangered Seashells

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