Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Traditional Healing: If dust gets into your eye, blow your nose

Dr Abe V Rotor
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It was a weekend and it was the tail end of the monsoon – the best time to be on the farm. An old friend came to visit me. I took him out into the fields. It was harvest time and a time of festivities of sort in the fields. The maya birds came by hordes, A gust of wind blew and my friend winked, apparently napuwing. He stopped at his track and he started rubbing his eyes. Huwag, I said. Just blow you nose. He laughed.
Kim Novak: Eyes right!

“Just do it.” I said. He did once, twice, each for each nose, covering the other. Harder. He looked amazed. The puwing was gone! Success! I highly recommend this simple, harmless remedy. If it does not work, Try any of these alternative remedies.
  • Get a clean handkerchief, cover the affected eye and request a relative or friend to gently blow over it for a few seconds. You could feel the soothing warm air. Roll your eyeball with eye half open. Stop. Repeat until you are completely relieved.
  • Fill a wide basin with tap water. Immerse your face into it, opening and closing the affected eye, and rolling the eyeball while underwater. Keep long hair away from the basin. Repeat until the puwing is gone. Warning: It takes skill to do this. Children need adult supervision.
  • If these three remedies fail, seek medical treatment. Just don't rub your eye. It is your window to he world. Find a pleasant view and the dust in your eye will disappear. ~

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