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UST-AB: Development Communication COURSE OUTLINE

Course Outline 
Development Communication
Professor: Abercio V Rotor, PhD
Course Title: Development Communication
Time: 8 to 11 AM Tuesday, 2nd Semester 2013-2014

Syllabus: This course will trace the theory and the research in the development communication and will highlight the present and future trends in the area. The nature and component of development process, background and role of International development programs and agencies will also be discussed. In addition to above the role of mass media in agriculture, health, education, population planning, sanitation, environment protection and socio economic development of developing countries in general, and the Philippines will be discussed.


Topics to be covered:

1. Development and its concept.

2. Theories of Development Communication.

a) Dominant theory  b) Self reliance theory c) Diffusion theory

d) Dependent and inter-dependence theory

3. Social development         

4.  Economic development

5. Political development     

6. Cultural development

7. Ingredients of development

a) Education   b) Health  c) Population Planning     d) Agriculture

e) Media   f) Good Governance   g) Water  h. Others

8. Development Communication     

9. Media and National Development

10. Prospects and challenges of Development Communication

11. Planning Development Communication Campaign

Course Structure:     Since this class is composed on Mass Comm students and Comm Art students, in their junior and senior years, emphasis shall be given to application, practicability, functionality of contemporary issues and events through classroom lecture, field observation and survey, and seminar-discussion.  Assignments are made available through the Internet (

Examination and evaluation: There will be prelims and a final test. In addition to test, each student writes two reports and makes class presentation of the same. The specific breakdown of grade evaluation wil be follows

                1. Assignments, quizzes, recitation, topic presentation         

                                2. Attendance (FA more than 3 absences)        

  3. Prelims                                                           

  4. Final Test                                                        
                                5. Research /Term paper 

The test and examinations material will be roughly from lectures, readings, and class activities. That’s why attendance is very important. In brief, it is in your own best interest to come to the class and, please, be in time.

Two great Filipino leaders who steered the Philippines forward: Magsaysay in post-WWII era, and Ferdinand Marcos in modern era.   

Main reference and interlink on the Internet:

1.      Communication, Values and Society 1994 Maslog CC 398

2.      Communicate 1985 Verderber RF – Wadsworth Pub 246

3.      Techniques for Effective Communication 1979  Rose RW et al 329

4.      Interpersonal Communication: Relating to Others 1999 2nd ed Beebe SA et al– Allyn and Bacon Pub 423 pp

5.      Journalism for Filipinos   1991 Malinao LA – National  383

6.      Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul: Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit of Writers 2000 Canfield J et al, 406

7.      People and Values 1996 Reuter, B. James - Paulines 249

8.      Secrets of Successful Public Relations 1985 Philips CS Prentice Hall

9.      Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach 1999 Henslin JM 720

10.  Man’s Search for Meaning  1984 Revised Frankl, E.Viktor 221

11.  The Role of the Media 1986 Sproule, A -  Mcdonald 64

12.  Future Shock 1970, Toffler, Alvin – Bantam books  561

13.  Principles and Methods of Extension Work 1983 IAIC Israel 175

14.  Socially Shared Inquiry  1999 Alfonso HC 243

15.  Toward a New Community Life  1981  Lee, Man-Gap – Seoul 638

16.  Sociology and Anthropology  1996 Palispis S 313

17.  Perverse  Development 1983  Feder, Ernest – Nationalist Studies  324

18.  Broadcasting/Cable and Beyond: An Introduction to Modern Electronic Media 1990 Dominick J et al – McGraw 489

19.  Sociology: Understanding Society 1989 Rose PI, Glazer PM et al 480

20.  Social Problems 2000 Eitzen DS and MB Zinn – Allyn Pub 594

21.  Cultural Anthropology: An Applied Perspective1998 Ferreraro G 397

22.  The Living with Nature Handbook 2003 Rotor, AV UST 200

23.  Living with Nature in Our Times, 2004 Rotor AV UST 260

24.  Light from the Old Arch 2001 Rotor AV UST 215

25.  Light in the Woods 1995 Rotor AV Megabooks 93

Internet; International Newsmagazines (e.g. Time); radio and TV broadcast.


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