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UST-AB DevCom Lesson 3 Nov 17, 2013: Test on Contemporary Issues on Development

Dr Abe V Rotor
Test on Socio-Cultural Issues 
Mascot syndrome
Precocious kid

BB - Brains and Beauties, SPUQC Museum

Bridging the generation gap
True or False
____ 1. Post modern means after today, that is tomorrow.

____ 2. Times are changing, so with values. There will come a time when what is taboo today will be morally acceptable tomorrow.

____ 3. Just to cite Filipino excellence we have distinctly coveted a Nobel prize.

____ 4. Modernism consciously attempts to distinguish itself from what we call traditional such classical music and traditional farming.

____5. The European Union today has member-countries from both western and eastern Europe.

____6. ASEAN and APEC, if combined in their present structures and functions, make an EU in Asia.

____7. Today the Avian or bird flu virus has hybridized with the human flu virus forming a virulent form.

____8. A Chinese scientist predicted that anthrax is going to be the next pandemic human disease.

____9. In the early 1920s, some 100 million people died of Spanish flu in just 24 weeks – more than the total death due to AIDS in 24 years.

___10. We are prisoners of our genes, and therefore must accept our fate.

___11. The church does not have a common stand on liposuction even if it is unnatural and harmful – indeed a violation of ethico-morals.

___12. Urbanization and industrialization go hand in hand like a couple.

___13. Biopirating (stealing biological resources) is a form of ecosabotage.

___14. The true reason the US and UK attacked Iraq is because Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.

___15. The so-called Cold War which lasted for 45 years was characterized by polarization of countries into democracy and socialism.

___16. We must be more concerned with endangered species, rather than endangered ecosystems, since loss of species is definitely irreversible.

___17. Suicide is precipitated by depression. No one would simply want to end up a good life.

___18. The rate of suicide is higher in less progressive countries because of poverty.

___19. Aculturation is all right, as long as the ethnic communities are integrated into the main stream of society.

___20. Agriculture and ecology are in conflict when it comes to the preservation of the natural environment.

___21. The richest nation and institution ever on earth is the Vatican, seat of the Roman Catholic church.

___23. Test tube baby, surrogate motherhood, artificial insemination, GMOs – they go altogether in a package - the most recent in the business world.

___24. Man and woman have the same intelligence level , as well as physiology – biologically speaking, that is.

___25. It is all about design. In today’s world, designs tend to be no more aesthetic than functional.

Answers to be submitted in class November 19, 2013/posted soon.

Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid DZRB 738 AM, 8 to 9 Evening Class
Dr. Abe V. Rotor and Ms. Melly Tenorio.

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