Friday, August 23, 2013


Dr Abe V Rotor
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Lifesaver's high chair
A pair of beach sandals
Rescue boat sits still

I am the wind that blows the sail, the waves to the shore,
     I ride with the sea, far and wide, again and again;
I tire not 'til the sun sets into the horizon brief for the night, 
     then find rest in the stillness of the sea and plain;

I am the sea, boundary of land and sky, blue when deep, 
     silver in fury, incessantly advancing, retreating;
I cover most of the earth, home of creatures in my depth, 
     I too, deserve a break, respite until morning. 

I am the sky, golden in the morning, ember in the sunset,
     a rainbow I build,  a cathedral for the faithful,
I carry the birds migrating and airplanes crisscrossing,
     then rest in the doldrums before my goal.   

I am the soul restless, living in transience and searching
     for that island happy, devoid of pride and ego;
I am the tourist of the world without country, without name, 
     vagabond in the ways of the gods of long ago. ~  

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