Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Enduring Old Caleza

Abe V Rotor
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Old Spanish settlement, UNESCO Heritage City 

Children scrambled aboard the carriage one Lent,
Breathless, sardine packed, doldrums silent;
Reliving a colonial era in a modern world,
The quaintness of tradition of old.

The cochero gave a crispy note,
Nodded his lifelong partner, mute.
The hame tightened, wood strained,
The wheels struggled and complained.

Rattan striking the spokes was horn,
Like dull sound of xylophone,
Joining riotous shouts and laughter -
Orchestral potpourri altogether.

The past leaves remnants to the future,
New to the young, but dying bit by bit,
Flickering the last rays of old adventure,
Like the old caleza bidding exit. ~

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