Sunday, May 5, 2013

Folk Wisdom for Growing Up Workshop: Arch of the Setting Sun - Lagro QC (A Lesson on poetry writing)

Dr Abe V Rotor
Write a short poem on this topic. Follow the conventional rhythm-rhyme-meter style.  If you find it difficult, write in free verse. 

Sunset is captured by the Lagro Arch, its golden rays turning into amber, leaving  the arch a silhouette with a neo-Greco-Roman touch. The arch never sleeps, it is a gateway to a big subdivision.    
I watch the sun set from where I live, 
under an arch splashed 
in gold and amber in peaceful repose 
as each day comes to pass.  

With the horizon melting with the sky, 
and memories of the day - 
into the darkness of night sleep -
save the spirits to stay. 

Life with the arch of the setting sun 
gets nearer to the Creator,        
each pass a notch of time and beauty
to the Angelus hour.  

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