Friday, December 28, 2012

Great Men I most admire

Dr Jose P Rizal                                                    Abraham Lincoln
National Hero of the Philippines                       Most loved US President

                                       Jules Verne                               Albert Einstein
                               Science fiction novelist          Scientist, Man of the 20th Century 

                        Mahatma Gandhi                     Carl Jung
                      Man of the Millennium           Psychologist of the unconscious mind

Leonardo da Vinci                                            Demosthenes
Man for all seasons                                         Greatest Greek orator

 Claude Monet         Martin Luther King
Impressionist painter       Human Rights advocate

St Paul, the Apostle              Charles Darwin
      Greatest Apostle                   Greatest Naturalist

Assignment: Make your own list of great men and women who have influenced your life.  Briefly explain in what way, and at what stage they became important.  How do you relate them with your present state?  

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