Thursday, December 20, 2012

Anecdote 3: Get away from an angry mob - fast!

Dr Abe V Rotor

Basang, my auntie yaya and I were going home from Vigan on a caleza, a horse drawn carriage. I was around five or six years old, the age children love to tag along wherever there is a place to go. It was midday and the cochero chose to take the shorter gravelly road, which is quite isolated that passes Bantay town. Since there was no traffic our cochero nonchalantly took the smoother left lane fronting a cluster of houses.

Angry mob from the Simpsons, Internet

Suddenly our caleza tilted on one side as if it had gone over a boulder. To my astonishment I saw a boy around my age curled up under the wheel. The caleza came to a stop and the boy just remained still and quiet, dust covered his body. As the cochero helped the boy, residents started coming out of their houses. I heard shouts calling for a doctor, asking who the victim is, telling somebody to get water. Some men angrily confronted the cochero. Bantay is noted for notoriety of some men. 

Instinct must have prodded Basang to carry me away from the maddening crowd. Basang explained everything to dad when we arrived home. Only then that I realized how dangerous it is to face an angry mob.~

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