Saturday, December 1, 2012

UST AB Assignment : Pencil Cap: New Look and Life of the Pencil

Pencil  Cap: New Look and Life of the Pencil 
Dr Abe V Rotor
Communications Art (3CA1 and 3CA3): Critique this article in relation to Research in Communication 

Neighborhood Children's Project: Pencil cap made of colorful leaflets and flyers.  

Pencil - who does not use pencil in school, at home, in the office?
     Kinder, teacher, carpenter, artist, Aling Maria at her store.
Pencil, pencil everywhere but not a single pencil with a safety cap! 
     Whoever made it missed the real point - the welfare of all.

Years went by, a century or two, in fact, the pencil is simply bare
     on the desk rolling to the floor, breaking its tip.  Poor child
he missed the test, distressed, looked for another, or a blade.
     Poor child, a carbon tip embedded in her skin, forever a scar.   

Where bullies abound pencil is weapon, fresh from the sharpener,
    not when kept in a scabbard or sheath, simple as rolled paper;
on crowded corridors, in frolic and play, and in moments of abandon, 
     lies surepticiously a fatal thorn. Please not the precious eye! 

And the children in the neighborhood learned the skill and the art,
     and supplied what the makers may have missed -  Pencil Cap! 
Cap for the new pencil, the old, the short, the eraser-less, cracked;
     Cap from leaflets, magazines, and waste from the book shop.  

They made pencil caps, function and art, personal, commemorative, 
     on UN Day, Ecology Week, Health Month, any ordinary day; 
In some corner, the pencil transformed, given a new look and life  
     by small hands. The Pencil Cap indeed changed our world. 

Advocacy: Make your own pencil caps (also ballpens with missing caps) at home and in school. Conduct a contest on the best Pencil Caps. And the most number made in school and community.  Share your talents and skill. 

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