Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Test on Ecology Part 2: True or False

By Dr Abe V Rotor

1. Ozone (O3) is produced through chemical reaction combining 02 with 0 (mol oxygen), an irreversible reaction.
2. CO2 and CO in the air, when combined with H2O will form acid rain which is mainly Sulfuric Acid.
3. When buying a car, refrigerator, or air-conditioner be sure it is ozone-friendly.
4. Even without man and all his lavish way of living and enormous population, still the earth will experience “global warming.”
5. The earth actually needs today a new breed of heroes for Mother Earth in the likes of Ernest. Schumacher, Rachel Carson, Chico Mendes, Aldo Leopold, Theodore Roosevelt, Jane Goodall.
6. The first scientific breakthrough threatens the world of deadly radiation. T(Splitting of the Atom)
7. Humans are still nomadic and hunters to the present, so that we virtually ravage nature freely in order to provide for our own socio-economic need.
8. The second scientific breakthrough “shrunk the world,” so to speak.
9. When we breath, we air we inhale is composed of around ¾ Nitrogen, 1/5 Oxygen.
10. The number one source of oxygen in the atmosphere is from the ocean and seas.
11. Cold water holds less dissolved Oxygen than warm water does.
12. As water freezes, it expands – which explain how rocks are split and tumble down, triggering avalanche and land slide.
13. Tobacco smoking has insignificant effect to global warming.
14. An iceberg may be towed from source to be used as potable water.
15. Warm water contains more plankton organisms than cold water.
16. Smog is a combination of smoke and fog – a grayish to dark blanket that hangs on an inversion layer about cities.
17. The strongest typhoons in the Philippines occur in July and August.
18. Ecological paradigm of salvation means we commit a mortal sin when we cut down a tree that gives life to your fellowmen and other living organisms. Restoration is the true penance and atonement.
19. The Great Dust Bowl occurred in the early part of the last century; it filled the sky with dusts from over cultivated fields. The situation was solved and since then the incident never happened again.
20. Energy is neither created nor destroyed; the resultant form is dissipated at various levels
21. There is a felt reversal of migration flow into major cities, and that is, from urban to rural.
22. Modern agriculture is one culprit to global warming.
23. Capitalistic societies are better managers of the environment than socialistic or communistic societies.
24. The primordial approach to reduce the effects of human activity that lead to the depletion of natural resources and disturbance of the delicate ecological balance is – population planning, that is to defuse the present population explosion.
25. The father of ecology is St. Isidro who is also the patron saint of farmers.

ANSWERS: 1F, 2F (SO2 + H2O), 3T, 4T, 5T, 6T, 7F(like fishing in oceans), 8T (T) microchip – communication; the world is wired.), 9T (78 % and 21 % respectively), 10T (phytoplankton make the pasture of the sea), 11F (opposite), 12T, 13F (highly significant), 14T, 15F (Temperate waters are richer fisheries.), 16T, 17F (towards December, we are nearer to the Cold Front that clash with the ITCZ) , 18T, 19T (the Dakotas were the most affected), 20T, 21F (Cities are still growing, and the trend has not been established.), 22T, 23F (Both are inefficient), 24T 25F (St. Francis)

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