Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Self-Administered Test on Fruits and Vegetables (True or False, 25 items)

Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid, Assign in Communication nd Change (CA217)
Dr Abe V Rotor and Ms Melly C Tenorio

1. There are more cancer cases among meat eaters than vegetable eaters.

2. Hybrids (rice, corn) yield remain the same in the succeeding planting using the same seeds – that’s why they are called hybrids.

3, Sugarless sugar, like aspartame, have no calorie value, that’s why it is safe to diabetic people.

4. Chalky rice is both varietal and agronomic. It could be both. In the case of the latter, there was too much nitrogen fertilizer applied on the crop.

5. Japanese rice is the same as California rice and Thai rice and Philippine rice.

6. Squash, potato, camote, cucumber are preferred to be served without peeling them, because vitamins and minerals are found mainly in the skin.

7. As a general rule, if you are not familiar with the looks of a kind of mushroom and there is no assurance on the label or by authorities, don’t eat it; there is no antidote of mushroom poison.

8. Before buying any fruit juice, powdered or ready to drink, read the label. Be sure it does not contain aspartame or any artificial sugar.

9. Before buying noodles or both mix, read the label of ingredients – be sure there is no MSG Monosodium Glutamate or vetsin.

10. Bihon comes from mungo, sotanghon from rice, pasta from semolina wheat, bread from spring or winter wheat.

11. All kinds of bamboo have edible shoot (labong) – parehong kawayan.

12. All bananas produce edible blossom (puso ng saging)

13. Sea vegetables are actually edible sea weeds, and sea weed are not weeds in the true sense.

14. There are five groups of vegetables: leafy-flower-stem vegetables, root vegetables, seed vegetables, fruit vegetables, and fruit vegetables. The fifth is mushroom, seaweeds, algae (Chlorella) and cyanophytes (Spirulina), and the like.

15. Camote (Ipomeao batatas) is both leaf and root vegetable; so with singkamas (Pachyrhizus erosus)

16. Ampalaya (Momordica charantia) and sayote( Sechium edule), are fruit and leafy vegetables.

17. According to researches, cows milk causes allergy more than any food. In legumes it is peanut, among cereals it is wheat. T

18. Do not buy potato that is green and sprouting. It contains a toxin substance known as Solanine.

19. For thousands and thousands of years, the law of co-evolution made organisms become interrelated among each other on one hand, and organisms with their natural environment on the other. Man, with science and technology and modern institutions, has broken this natural interrelationship – this is the main reason of ecological imbalance, health problems, and the like – and man’s bleak future as a species.

20. One main reason for increasing prices of food and unsteady supply, deterioration quality notwithstanding, is global warming.

21.What makes food expensive is the sophisticated culinary art - the aesthetics of food in restaurants and hotels. Learn the art and trade. Bring it home. Share with your spouse and children, the kitchen and dining room can be transformed into restaurant or hotel of sort.

22. Cloudburst or thunderstorms are beneficial more than destructive. They bring in the rains for our plants.

23. Do not buy seeds of plants you are not familiar with; don’t be sold to the beautiful label. For all we know they are not suitable to local conditions.

24. Be austere (austerity), be wise and cautious, trust your senses (not emotion and psyche) when buying anything. Packaging will not improve quality, increase value or guarantee your safety.

25. The reason for the series of lessons on food, agriculture, home gardening, pesticide-free vegetables and the like in Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid - is to bring into consciousness reality of life that is simple, self-sufficient, healthy and happy – at our finger tips, at our command. Indeed it is liberation, road to freedom from extreme consumerism which is the precursor of abusive capitalism.

ANSWERS: 1t 2f(Hybrids have unstable genetic makeup) 3f 4t 5f 6t 7t 8t 9t 10f 11f 12f 13t 14t 15f 16t 17 18TPotato is a relative of the most poisonous plant in the world – tobacco, and the most pungent plant – pepper (capsicin). In fact you can graft tobacco with potato – also with pepper, and tomato, and eggplant 19T 20t 21t 22F (detrimental, so with acid rain) 23T(Consult local farmers or agriculturist) 24T(Don’t be a guinea pig or experimental mouse) 25T

RATING: 24-25 Outstanding; 21-23 Very Good; 17-20 Good; 12-16 Fair; 11 and below, participate in PBH, DZRB 738 AM, 8 to 9 pm, Monday to Friday.

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