Saturday, October 8, 2011

Photography 6: Philippine Crocodile

Philippine Crocodile: a photographic study of the docile behavior of this living fossil, and master of camouflage. Tagaytay Zoo. Photos by Matthew Marlo R Rotor, Canon EOS 350 with Sigma lens 70-300 mm.


Dana Diane Singson said...

;) speaking of Philippine Crocodiles is one of the most severely threatened species around. There are roughly 250 left in the wild as of September 2011 according to an article with National Geographic. :)

Alyssa Beltran said...

The Philippine crocodile is an exotic and dangerous yet beautiful creature that is also on the brink of extinction.

As lovely as to see them in pictures, it is more lovely to see them in the wild where they truly belong.

Great photos by the way!

-Alyssa Beltran 3ca5