Sunday, August 14, 2011

Medinillia - Flower of Mystic Beauty

Medinillia magnifica, Mount Makiling Botanical Garden, UPLB, Laguna

Dr Abe V Rotor

Can you hide your beauty?
Magnificent is your cape against sun
and rain over your inflorescence,
in drooping, storeys full and shy;
glowing pink and purple
like bunches of ripe berries
for the beak to carry your kind.

You've been discovered in your hiding,
deep in the forest unknown, unsung,
playing hide-and-seek game
with people who call you naive,
who make riches out of your beauty,
regal and meek and rare,
now endangered and tame.

In your new home, you've lost freedom.
away forever from your kin,
the mountains that nurtured you;
now an orphan, you seek the love
you lost, solace and peace.
your beauty has betrayed you;
beauty that gave you fame.

x x x

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