Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Group Research in Communication and Socio-Cultural Change

Dr Abe V Rotor

Rules in conducting and presenting group research. For 3CA3 and 5CA3, University of Santo Tomas.

1. Choose topic from the course syllabus, or from (socio-economic, cultural and environmental). Clear with the professor any topic not found in the list.

2. The topic must be first hand, and must not have been presented before, whole or in part, in any class or occasion.

3. Include in the Rationale, background and significance (present and future). enhance themain, and end up with advocacy to the Filipino people.

4. Keep abreast, get the latest about the topic. (readings, media, other sources)

5. Group research must be done
  • on-site (visit the place),
  • hands-on (demo, assist), and through
  • interview (in person)
6. Be original, particularly photos and text.

7. Use PowerPoint (50 to 60 frames, standard). Submit CD and printed copy (6 frames per page) ahead, and one page summary (printed) single space. Include CD cover design (title, members, course, date.

7. Duration of presentation: 10 to 15 minutes, without interruption, including question-and-answer.

8. Grade will be based on the
  • PowerPoint (research proper)
  • Oral presentation
  • Individual and group effort
9. Output for Accreditation, Faculty of Arts and Letters

10. Dry run as a group. Good Luck! Ingat lang sa lakad ninyo.

NOTE: Recall sample PowerPoint presentation in class.

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