Tuesday, August 16, 2011

3rd of a Series: Ten Practical Tips from Ka Abe and Ka Melly (Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid, Radyo ng Bayan)

1. Insert balled newspaper (better brown paper to get rid of possible lead content from ink and paint) into shoes to remove odor, absorb moisture, keep shoes in shape.

2. Orange peeling kept in sugar jar prevents sugar from caking and discoloring into dark clumps.

3. For banana delayed in ripening - cut away rot on the stem to prevent its spread and unpleasant odor.

4. Banana leaves as floor polisher. Mature leaves of saba variety (other varieties will do) is first wilted on flame to melt the natural wax. It also imparts a pleasant smell.

5. Don't throw away coconut husk. Make it into flower pot for orchids and ferns. Shred to make scrub for floor and utensils. Cut whole mature nut crosswise, trim off protruding shell. Now you have a foot floor polisher. Happy exercise.

6. Add talc powder (baby powder) to hardware nails to prevent rusting. Be sure tio keep the container tight.
7.Notice in some restaurants, rice is mixed with salt in the dispenser. Rice absorbs moisture preventing the salt from clumping and soggy.

8. Stuck bubble gum in clothes? Don't force to remove. Put soiled clothes in the freezer. Once solidified, peel off the gum clean and easy.

9. Remove old and unsightly cobwebs, but save the spiders, unless they are the dreaded kind. House and garden spiders trap and devour insect pest. They are nature's biological agents, friends of farmers and housewives.

10. Leave trail marks in a jungle to guide you back. Bend and break branches or shrubs, consistently at your right bent towards you and height, to serve both as marker and compass.

11. Now and then anyone may fall into a pit of hiccup for reasons not well understood even in the medical field. But as sudden and unpredictable it came, just by jolting the person is enough to terminate hiccup.

This is what you can do to help your friend in a pit. The first remedy is to give him water. If this does not work, gently massage the back of his head. If still this does not work, secretly time the interval of his hiccup. Jolt him up real good coinciding with the next hiccup. Pronto! The hiccup is gone.

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